Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DESIGN :: Book Club Poster for Library

If you live in Jackson, you know we have a great library already, but now they have Book Club Starter Kits too, which I think are pretty cool (I definitely just pegged myself as a dork here : )

Last week, I was asked by the library to help them try to get the word out about their new program. Apparently, they were having trouble with promoting it, so they decided an email blast with a catchy flyer might do the trick. This is what we came up with...

Basically for designing a piece like this, I had to take into account who would be interested in this program. I thought, most likely, the target audience would be groups of well-read women (sorry all you male book clubbers!), so I when with a fuschia background and an elegant feel with the reverse rounded corners. The rest of the design, is somewhat simple, allowing the fabulous book cover artwork to shine through.

Some tips to think about before starting a design project:

1. Figure out your target audience
- A lot of design decisions can be made just by narrowing this down (color, the feel you want your piece to portray, etc.)

2. Gather all the elements that need to be used in the design
- For this project, I was given the text, the Teton County Library logo and the option to use
the book covers of the featured books

3. Size and where this design will be used
- I knew this was just being sent out in an email, so I may have designed it differently than
I would have a printed piece. For an email I typically do a less detailed design.

4. Now sketch/brainstorm away until something catches your eye!

I think we came up with a great solution, let me know your thoughts.

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